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Make the Most of Part-Time Jobs on Your Resume

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5 Non-Negotiable Job Benefits You Should Insist Upon

December 12, 2017 Jot Job

A substantial amount of time spent job searching while unemployed can cause someone to take the very next job offer they receive. However, there are certain job benefits worth waiting for, and some you should insist upon. The following are 5 job benefits to strongly consider insisting upon from your next employer:

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Is Writing an Important Skill to have In the Medical Field

November 13, 2017 Jot Job

Many people misjudge all that goes along with having a career in the medical field. Sure, it may look like all that a nurse does is give shots and check vitals, but truth is, there is so much more involved in being a nurse. In fact, there is so much more involved regardless of the medical profession that you in.

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4 Ways to Quit Without Losing a Good Reference

October 12, 2017 Jot Job

It’s frustrating when you’ve worked at a company a long time and need to quit but you’re afraid you might get a bad reference. For a variety of reasons, your boss might give you a bad reference, despite faithful service during your employment. If you’re afraid of what your boss might say to a prospective new employer, here are some ways to without losing a good reference.

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